Renaissance art at the Diocesan Museum in Milan

Italian Renaissance artist Pietro Perugino is being celebrated in a new exhibit at the Diocesan Museum in Milan – a great day trip for art-loving families.

Pietro Perugino.jpgBetween 1446 and 1523 prolific Italian Rennaisance painter Pietro Perugino created a number of astonishing works of art. A number of these works are preserved in Milan’s Diocesan Museum, available for visitors to view. This exhibit is known as the “Perugino's Adoration of Shepherds” and it welcomes families of all ages to this celebration of art.

Perugino, who had two lively workshops in Florence and Perugia, was one of the most famous Italian painters of the Renaissance period. Art aficionados often cite his work as being a combination between Piero Della Francesca, Andrea del Verrocchio and Umbrian.

It was in 1478, when Perugino was called to Rome by Pope Eugene IV, that the painter’s career gained recognition. Perugino was hired to decorate the Chapel of the Conception in Rome and was eventually entrusted with the decoration of the Sistine Chapel in 1481.

In the Sistine Chapel, Perugino created various frescoes and painted his masterpiece, “The Delivery of the Keys”. In this fresco, Perugino adopted a compositional scheme and technique that is seen in his other famous work, “The Marriage of the Virgin”. After these works, the artist soon found fame and became renowned across Itay.

The exhibit in Milan will run until the end of January 2018, welcoming all families and travellers.

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