Family-friendly national parks in Italy

For a weekend or during a summer holiday, here are the best parks in Italy for families.

There are 25 national parks in Italy, each with its own characteristic ambience created through a rich variety of local plants, flowers and trees.

If you are visiting Italy on a family holiday and are looking for a wonderful summer treat for the family, we highly recommend seeking our one of the national parks, where you can enjoy a picnic, play games or simply take a relaxing stroll in nature. With this in mind, here are some of our favourite national parks in Italy for a family day out.


Gran Paradiso National Park, Graian Alps

This national park sits between the Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont, and is ideal for a gentle walk with your family. While it certainly boasts stunning scenery, the main reason we love this park so much is due to the park’s focus on education. Here, you can discover more about nature and the history of the park thanks to the dedicated park guides, and the park also organises regular family-friendly events that you can enjoy.


Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park, Tuscany

If your family has an interested in wildlife, then we’re sure you’ll love this idyllic park set in the heart of Tuscany. It boasts an overwhelming diversity of Mediterranean wildlife, including wolves, roe deer and mouflon (a type of wild sheep), as well as pretty butterflies and rare birds. In addition to all the sights and sounds of the wildlife that call this Italy national park home, there is also some stunning landscapes to discover, including tranquil lakes and meadows that are perfect for a family picnic.


Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, Belluno (Veneto)

This park offers a range of guided excursions and educational activities that are perfect for families, but you can also enjoy one of the walking or cycling trails alone if you prefer to discover nature at your own pace. The park also has regular information points dotted around the grounds, where you can find guides, maps and routes.


Parco Nazionale d’Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

Despite the name, the majority of this park resides in the Abruzzo region of Italy and it is the perfect park if you want to waunder amongst flowers in bloom and relax whilst enjoy scents of the Mediterranean and listening to birds singing in the trees. The park organises themed tours that are particularly enjoyable for families, especially the history tours that tell you about the shepherds that once tended the land here.


If you are thinking about a family holiday in Italy and would like one of our travel experts to put together the perfect Italy holiday itinerary for you, including a day trip to one of Italy’s national parks, please contact us on 01223 637331 or click here to send an online enquiry.

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