Family holiday travel tips

Going to Italy on a family holiday is a great option. This is the perfect destination to choose because Italians love kids and many places are family friendly, especially the restaurants.

Here are a few tips to make your holiday even better if you are planning on spending a week or two in Italy.

Choose a suitable destination
A suitable destination could mean different things for different families. For example:

  • it could mean a city like Rome with lots of attractions that kids will enjoy such as the Colosseum, the Explora museum and Villa Borghese;
  • or it could mean staying next to a beach, perhaps on the island of Elba off the coast of Tuscany, where there are lots of beaches including Sant’Andrea and Forno. Or maybe on the Amalfi Coast, where there are plenty of beaches to enjoy;
  • for your family, the perfect option could be heading to the lakes region where you can stay next to Lake Como or Lake Garda and enjoy lots of open space for hiking and biking. 

Of course, it could also mean combining these places and going to two or even three destinations. At Family Holidays Italy, we specialise in multi-centre trips no matter how many places you want to visit.

We can draw up an itinerary and arrange the transport for you, so everything is organised in advance for you.

What type of accommodation?
You will want suitable accommodation for your family holiday. For example, if you stay in a hotel and have a young child, does it have a cot available, is there a family room or adjoined rooms? Alternatively, you may want to consider a villa or an apartment, which will give you more space if you have a larger family. Or you may want to stay in a resort that is specifically marketed towards families.

Get in touch with us and we can discuss the different options when providing a customised quote for your holiday.

Look out for ways to save
When travelling, you will want to make savings where you can. This could include saving money on your meals.

Food is great in Italy, and most kids love pizza, which is generally cheap in Italy, but also consider eating out at lunch to save money on the set menu.

You could also stay at a hotel with breakfast included to make sure everyone is full at the start of the day. And if you are going sightseeing, pick up some food at the local supermarket and make a picnic to take along so you are not buying food on the go.

Also consider investing in tourist cards in the major cities. These will provide free or reduced-price access to many of the main attractions, and free travel on public transport. The main ones include:

Hire your own transport
A car is a great idea when you go to Italy. Public transport is good in Italy, and you will be able to travel in the cities with ease, but if you want to do any more serious exploring, you will need a car. Having your own vehicle will be ideal for making day trips from your accommodation, and we can provide car hire as part of your holiday package.

Make the most of your holiday
These are some tips to keep in mind when you go on your holiday in Italy. Make sure everyone enjoys themselves by seeing a mix of attractions, which could include attractions like Gardaland, a huge theme park in the north of Italy, as well as some of the more cultural and historical stuff.

And overall, just remember to take it easy. Italy is not a place to rush things, so relax, slow down, and have a wonderful time!

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