Four places to ski under the stars in Italy

If you’re looking for an incredible skiing experience in Italy, look no further than the northern Italy province of Sondrio.

From Livigno to Madesimo, ski lovers will have plenty of reasons to practise their sport day or night. With illuminated slopes, 24-hour refreshments and plenty of activity during the evenings, skiing under the stars is now an exciting possibility for a winter holiday in Italy.

In this blog, we look at the best ski resorts in Italy for a family winter vacation, including slopes with evening skiing – the perfect option for families with older children and teenagers.

1.     Valchiavenna

A great place to flex your skiing skills is on the circuits of Valchiavenna. If you’re looking to ski at night on this famous slope, you’ll have to come on Saturday evenings. Here, on the Pianello / Montalto track (served by the Larici cable car), it’ll only cost you €15 to ski between from 19:00 to 22.45.

"It's been several years that night skiing has been available and the feedback has been positive”, says Marco Garbin, director of the Valchiavenna ski area. “This year the conditions are all there: we have track lighting and the snow has arrived at the perfect time”.

2.     Livigno

When the sun goes down, another popular ski destination that becomes alive at night is the slopes of Livigno. Every Thursday evening at 20:30, the chairlifts are floodlit as skiers gather at this slope.

At the same track, every Tuesday from 21:00, the slope becomes a place of education as ski instructors begin evening lessons. If you pre-purchase a ski pass, access is free, if not a ticket will cost €7.

3.     Santa Caterina di Valfurva

Upon the ski slopes of Santa Caterina di Valfurva, you’ll be able to ski along the famous Deborah Compagnoni slope on certain days. This season, the slope will be open on Thursday 1st February, Saturday 17th February, Thursday 1st March and Thursday 8th March.

4.     Bormio

The ski slopes of Bormio are exceptional. Until mid-March, you can experience the magic of skiing under the stars as the slopes light up from 20:00 to 23:00.

Every Friday in Bormio, 4 km of illuminated slopes are open to the public, including the spectacular Stelvio slope. As with most of these ski slopes, Bormio ski pass holders can ski for free. Otherwise, for an evening of skiing at these times, the rates range from €16 for adults, €14 for seniors and €12 children.


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