Places to take the family on holiday in Italy

Planning a family holiday to Europe this year? Italy is a fantastic option. But one of the difficulties with Italy is choosing where to go from all the excellent locations. Here’s a guide to some of the best options to help you decide.

Sardinia for beaches
Italian beach holidays are great for family holidays, and one place where you will find spectacular beaches is in Sardinia. Here you can lay back and relax on some of the best beaches you will find in Europe, and they are very popular with tourists.

Sardinia is a fascinating destination as well. It is perfect for exploring and seeing something different, and you can choose to stay in a little hotel next to the beach, or book your own villa. There are also many resorts that are family friendly.

Venice for fun
Venice is thought of as a place for couples, and you may think that this makes it unsuitable for children. But in fact the opposite is true, and at Family Holidays Italy we often help families plan their holidays here as part of a multi-centre trip.

Venice is a child’s dream. Winding alleyways, ancient buildings, canals and gondolas – it is a world away from back home.

Go on a ghost tour at night, take them on a gondola ride, get lost in the maze of streets, go on a tour to Murano and see glass blowing, and eat lots of pizza. There’s plenty to do to keep you all busy.

Rome for awe-inspiring attractions
Rome is where the big attractions are, and the kids will love them. What child would be bored seeing inside the Colosseum, for example? Even art can be interesting for kids here – why not take a trip to the Sistine Chapel?

And if you want to go somewhere fun in the open air, head to Villa Borghese to enjoy the park and visit the zoo.

Kids don’t like to be dragged around galleries all day, but in Rome you can visit just a few of the big and exciting attractions for a few hours. You can then spend the rest of the time in the park or heading to the fun Explora museum.

The lakes for outdoor fun
The lake area in the north is the perfect place to get out and see the countryside in Italy. It is best during the summer because there is lots to do:

  • see the lakes, including Lake Garda, Lake Como and more;
  • take a trip out to the islands of Isola Bella and Isola Madre;
  • stay in Orta San Giulio, a medieval village;
  • go hiking in the mountains and see Monte Generoso;
  • ride on the Monte Baldo cable car.

Start planning your holiday today
These are just a few ideas for family holiday destinations in Italy. Take a look through them and decide if any look suitable for you. You can always take in two or three destinations on a multi-centre holiday if you want to. Call a member of our team on 0844 993 4139 or send an online enquiry to find out more about the family holidays that we offer.

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